I’m Hannah

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I’m most known for being unapologetically honest, outrageously lazy and for my borderline ridiculous planning skills (I base my breakfast on what I’m going to eat for lunch and dinner and basically schedule my bathroom breaks each day). I value truth and freedom above all else. I’ve managed to build a life that I love and I like to spend my days sharing that with others. My heart is led by a desire to share what I know so that you too can experience all the beauty, ease and joy this life can hold.  

A few things people might know about me . . .


I am a coach.

When I was 15 I had a bit of a mental breakdown, after spending a few day refusing to come out of my room my mum called a friend of a friend who was some kind of healer to come and chat to me. That lady gifted me a Louise Hay book and mentored me for a few months free of charge. Things shifted in that few months and I always wondered if I could ever have a career like hers. 

Fast forward nearly 10 years and here we are. I’ve been making a living through mentoring others for a few years now, getting amazing results with all my clients. I think it’s my ability to see through the bullshit that allows me to do what I do. I’ve always loved getting to know people one on one, and my coaching work allows me to build amazing relationships with my clients. I love where coaching conversations go . . . Life, death, love, fear, joy, sadness, health, loathing, jealousy, God. It’s a beautiful ride that I love being a part of.

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I teach meditation.


I teach all of my clients meditation because in my opinion, there’s no use coaching someone who doesn’t have the ability to observe their own thoughts objectively. This is what I love about meditation. In 2016 I participated in a 10-day Vipassana Silent Retreat, it was hell on earth – but hell on earth with a purpose. I left that retreat a brand-new human, with a new perspective on life and meditation. I offer meditation as part of my coaching as well as specific one on one, meditation programs.


I'm studying the beautiful science of Ayurveda.

I freakin’ love this ancient Indian medical science. To me, Ayurveda is everything, it’s so friggen holistic, it treats not only the body but the mind and soul. It seems my understanding of everything becomes deeper as I continue to dive further into Ayurveda. Right now, Ayurveda is what excites me the most.

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I like to travel

Although I always find it hard to leave home, I really enjoy the freedom and adventure that comes with travel. When I was 15 I first went to Bali and fell in love with Bali, but also with travel. I swore then that I’d live in Bali some day. At 18 I applied for my British passport and booked a one way ticket to London – I had under $1000 in my bank account and no job waiting but I knew I’d figure it out. That first year living abroad was pretty incredible (despite the fact I was earning $10 an hour, working 40+ hours a week and came back 10kg heavier). While in Europe I travelled Holland, France, Spain, Scotland, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Hungary and loved every minute of it. I eventually moved home to save money to go to South America. I travelled through Peru, Bolivia and Chile when I was 20, this gave me a love for adventure I hadn’t really explored before. After settling back at home in Coffs Harbour for a few years after South America I felt pretty comfortable.

Until life decided it was time to fulfil that dream I had of moving to Bali. So, Michael and I made the move . . . which was a different, slower kind of adventure for me. After that Michael and I tried really hard to be ‘normal’ people and live in a small town, it didn’t go so well. So we sold everything, asked MK’s mum to mind the dog and took off on a worldly adventure, with no real plans to stop at any point.

A few things people don't know about me . . . 


People often confuse quiet-ness with shyness. I’m not really shy, but I do take my time to get to know people. Most people closest to me say it took a while to understand me because I’m a bit of a weirdo when I first meet people. I like to sit back and observe people so it usually takes a while before I make a really good friend.


I have spidey senses.

I always know when people are lying to themselves. 

This has been a blessing and a curse. Sometimes I wish I could shut my own spidey senses up and just trust what people are saying. But, it’s what makes me a really good coach. I quickly learnt when I was a teenager when and how to speak up about this kind of stuff, and when to shut up and let things run their natural course. Because of this, integrity is something I value highly, I really love people that can be totally honest with themselves in each moment.

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The only sports competition i’ve ever won was a comp to see who could ride a bike the slowest without falling off.


Yep, you read that right. It was year 6 camp, about 60 of us had to ride around in a circle and continually get slower and slower until you had to put your foot down, then you’d be out. I was the last one standing. It was a highlight for me, being the first remotely sporty thing I’d ever won. I should have known then this was an insight into my future, winning life despite my slow pace and extreme laziness.


My favourite Song right now is  . . .

Macy Grey, I try. No explanation necessary.