If You Can’t Shake A Bad Mood, Here’s What To Do!


Do You Ever Find Yourself In A Funk That You Just Can’t Shake?

Yeah, us too…


However! We want to give you 5 of the best ways to shake it off so you can get on revelling in the awesomeness of life.

1. FEEL IT OUT - Firstly, BEFORE trying to shake it off, feel is out. Just feel the emotion that’s keeping you there. Obviously something wants to be felt, so give yourself permission to feel is (not wallow)... so even if it’s a minute just sit and experience it.

2. WATER - Get in water! The colder the better. Whether it’s an ocean or river swim, a bath, a cold shower or a dive in the pool, get yourself submerged and if you can shock yourself with the temperature, even better!

3. SMELL SOMETHING YOU LOVE - My favourite thing to do when I’m feeling blue is to have an outdoor shower where the frangapani tree lives, and sneak little smells of the beautiful flowers. It ALWAYS makes me feel that much better.

4. MOVE - Practice Yoga or Pilates, go for a run, have a loungeroom dance party, swim a few laps, do something to get your body moving and shake that stagnant energy.

5. MAKE A CHOICE - To look for the reasons to feel good rather than reasons to feel bad. Remember what you’re truly grateful for and revel in that.

Everyone gets down occasionally, it’s how you move forward from there that matters!

Hannah KingComment