The Big Mistake You're Making When It Comes To Deliberately Creating Your Life Your Way


You want to ask yourself, what’s IN THE WAY of you having the life you dream of?


You’ve seen The Secret, you might have even read some Louise Hay and watched a bit of Tony Robbins, but you can’t seem to manifest abundance, or your dream partner, or house... at this stage might not even be able to get your boss off your back let alone live the free and awesome life you crave.⠀

We want to tell you where you’re going WRONG.⠀

You’re pushing shit uphill. But deliberate creation SHOULD NOT be like that. Deliberate creation should be like floating down a stream that WANTS to carry you towards the life you crave.⠀

So before your visualisations and affirmations and all the rest of it, you want to ask yourself what’s IN THE WAY of you having the life you dream of.⠀

HINT: it’s you.⠀

Now you need to get to the bottom of that.... are you afraid that once you have it all you might lose it all? Are you worried what people would think? Do you identify with being a victim of life?⠀

Once you identify that thing and let it go, like, truly let it go.... life will pull you towards your dreams like never before.⠀

Dig deep, ask yourself what’s in the way, remove it and you’ll be gliding down a beautiful river towards everything you desire!


Hannah KingComment