Is there A Gap Between What You Are Currently Living & The Life You Ultimately Want?


NO MAN’S LAND… The one thing holding you back from fulfillment.


I work with some pretty high-flying, extraordinary people, and the main reason these people come to me is because there is a gap between what they are currently living and the life they ultimately want to live. They are successful people in their chosen field, but there is still a subtle call from within, whispering the possibility of more.

The life that once lit them up and satisfied them isn't fulfilling in the way that it once was.

This can cause a huge amount of uncertainty and fear because change is uncomfortable.
So here’s what you need to do...

Master being uncomfortable.

How can you deliberately put yourself in a situation that is totally uncomfortable, just to get used to being okay with that feeling? Think about how much time we spend running from discomfort and avoiding it. But if we master it, we win the game of life.

1. When you pass someone in a tight street and you do that weird dance-side-to-side-move not knowing which way to go to let them pass (you know the one, where both people do an awkward laugh and say sorry at the same time). See if you can hold the side-to-side dance move for extra four steps just to maximise awkwardness.

2. Next time you are tempted to defend your ego and justify your action or words, see if you can just sit and FEEL the inner rumble of the self-protection mechanisms of the mind. Watch how the ego efforts to avoids the discomfort of being wrong!

3. Directly ask for something where you think the other person might say no. For a lot us, simply asking for what we want invokes discomfort, especially if we think it might make the other person uncomfortable for having to say no.

What can you do to run directly into discomfort so you can master it?

Once you stop avoiding being uncomfortable you will be ripe and ready to run full-tilt towards the life you really seek and ready to traverse the unknown terrain of deep inner change.

Hannah KingComment