“The mind is like a parachute, it must be open to work”

Dalai Lama



It’s Michael here, and let me tell you something - I love everything about the mind, especially the minds of others. Yes, I love your mind and I want to help you bring it into balance so you can experience the real peace, ease and energy that is your birthright.


I believe that our state of mind determines our entire experience of life.


The mind is an incredible tool that we can use to create our lives our own way. But like all tools we have to get shown how to effectively use them. For most of us the mind is an enemy, a nuisance or hinderance, that we spend our time trying to control and/or numb, often through artificial stimulants.

The practice of meditation will transform your mind from enemy to ally as you learn how you can master your mind to both create an incredible life and to facilitate psychological healing.

“I have done many courses and have tried to find “tools for life” through counselling, self-help seminars, books and videos, all with only fleeting results. With Michael, at age 43, my life has finally had a dramatic and lasting change. I am excited to dream big and see where this adventure goes” - Mike Richmond. Emerald Beach



There is a lot of confusion these days about meditation and mindfulness and the difference between the two. Mindfulness has kind of become a hip word that gets thrown around in settings, like the corporate world and in sports psychology for example, where the word meditation might be a little too “out there”.

Mindfulness is a stage or step upon the greater path of meditation. A necessary one at that. Mindfulness prepares the mind for the deeper practices of meditation.

The practice of Mindfulness, when taught and practiced in its entirety offers a tremendous host of benefits, such as;

  • Improved focus and concentration, aka being less distracted

  • Emotional state control and therefore being less reactive

  • More mental and physical energy

  • Rewiring the habit patterns of the mind through flexing the muscle of your brain

  • Less anxiety, more ease

  • Less stress, more peace

  • A deeper level of self awareness that leads to conscious action rather than unconscious reaction.

 The practices associated with mindfulness are about healing the afflictions of the body and mind through conscious use of your breath and attention.



When that base-level healing has occurred the doorway opens to the deeper practices of meditation wherein the student can heal the deeper impressions and memories with the psyche and experience what lies even beyond the mind, which according to the yoga/meditative traditions, is the field of love.

 Meditation is the spiritual counterpart to the mental practice of mindfulness. Mindfulness teaches us the emotional maturity that enables us to embark on the deep inner quest of meditation.

 Meditation, in its entirety will support you in;

  • Redirecting the trajectory of your life

  • The healing of and purification of deep-seated memory

  • Consciously creating your life your way

  • Bringing deep satisfaction and bliss (often for no good reason!)

  • Integrating conflicts of the personality

  • Experiencing the deep unity between all things

  • Connecting with your purpose for being here


If you’re still reading this (good on ya, and thanks for sticking with me!!) then you must be interested in further exploring this path. If you are brand new to this path of mental mastery, (welcome legend!), we can focus on your relationship with your breath and building a solid practice of mindfulness.

If you have been traversing the inner terrain for some time and want to go further we can set you up with some epic tools for the more transformative practices of meditation.

I don’t know what I would do without meditation, I just love it so much and LOVE how such a simple thing, just a short practice each day, can have such a huge result in people's lives. To me that is the definition of efficiency! And because I don’t know what I would do without it I don’t want you to have to go without it either! So holler at me now to book a one-off consultation.


What exactly will this consultation involve?


Well, I am glad you asked! Here’s the rundown;

  • Consults will be for 2 hours

  • I will send you a pre session questionnaire so we will be ready to rock and can make the best use of our time

  • A mixture of practice (so you can experience what you’re learning) and theory

  • We will create a personal home practice just for you so the consult will serve you into the future


Michael is a natural born teacher, one of the rare few that I’ve seen. The depth of his capacity to impart profound knowledge is a constant source of awe for me, just as the depth of his humor is a constant source of my joy. When you find a teacher like Michael, that so skillfully weaves together the science of Yoga, his own innate wisdom, relentless authenticity and killer wit, what you have is a recipe for greatness, and believe me, I don’t say things like that lightly. Michael is and will continue to be a powerful force in the Yoga world. That I know for sure.
— Octavio Salvado. Owner and Head teacher, The Practice Bali




+ 10% GST for Australian Residents

As you probably know most of my work is tied up with my mentoring clients and workshops, so I only do one of these consultations per week so book now to make sure I can serve you pronto!  



I can’t wait to dive deep into our mind-bending work together as we explore the deep and rich practices of mindfulness and meditation.

Below is a questionnaire for you to answer so we can start our session on the front foot - I will contact you shortly with a proposed time for your consult.


Thank you for being the kind of person that is willing to change and transform. And thanks for choosing me to support you, it means a lot. I look forward to doing everything I can in our time together so that you can experience real peace and real happiness.

Big smiles


It’s been one year of meditation for us since we learnt from you and Hannah. We want to thank you both once again for opening our eyes we’re learning more and more everyday, and funny to look back on all of the things you guys taught us in the course and as time goes on we are like “ahh yes that’s what they were referring too” haha! Anyway, just wanted to thank you guys both, a year on. I could go on and on about the transformations and things that have happened, but you guys know what it’s all about and what an awesome gift you have to be able to give to people, you sure have done your bit for humanity. Thanks again.
— Chris and Mandy. Coffs Harbour
I have gained freedom in my mind from what I have learnt, and it is THE BEST feeling ever. Thank you.
— Heidi Stewart. Woolgoolga.