Fire And

We train passionate meditators to become powerful teachers,
who make a living, doing what they love.

Live your purpose.
Make a living.
Make an impact.

Become a meditation teacher,
from wherever you are in the world, through our 9 month meditation teacher training, FIRE AND WATER.

Next training starts February 2020

Taking enrolments now 👇

We are hunting for humans, like you, who LOVE meditation and are hungry to become impactful leaders, to join our intimate tribe of certified meditation teachers, through our unique meditation teacher training.

So let’s not beat around the bush……

The world needs meditation.


And you know you can offer it. You know you have always been lured by its mystical and magical pull. You know that you are the one to bring it into the world - even if you are only just starting to realise this, you know.

I mean, that’s why you’re reading this, right?

It really is time for leaders like you to step up, take charge, and bring this life changing skill to the world. And make an epic living whilst you are doing it. Meditation is the most valuable skill we all can learn, the difference that makes all the differences, here’s why -

Our state of mind determines our experience of life

When you change your mind you change your life. When you change your life you do your part in changing the world for the better.

“Yesterday I was clever I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise and am going to change myself” - Rumi

  • If you are passionate about meditation

  • You are eager AF to make a powerful contribution to your community

  • If you want to become an impactful leader

  • If you want to make a living doing something you truly love

  • If you are ready to transform your own life in the process of creating the above

Then keep on reading.
This might just be the very thing you’ve been looking for.

Our mission is to send meditation back to its rightful home - into the lives of all humans. And we need your help, as a teacher, to do that.

If you are reading this there is no need for us to tell you the benefits of meditation. You already know. You are well practiced and now desire to share what you have learnt, through your own practice, with the world. And we can understand why you have the passion to share! I mean the world is in quite the freakin’ pickle!.......

Stress, anxiety, depression and self-loathing have become the new normal.

That’s not normal!

These mental illnesses have cost the global economy over 1 trillion bucks! But more than that, fellow humans are unnecessarily suffering. If they only knew what you and I know! We, at KMM, can’t reach them all, which is why we are calling for recruits to fly the meditation flag with us, far and wide, so we can make a dint in this global mental health crisis and give people back to themselves.

We are pumped for you to join our mission. To us, the days of the broke meditator are done. And the days of meditation being reserved for monks, or austere yogis is also well and truly passed. It is our strongest desire to not use meditation to withdraw from the world but as the very catalyst that enables us to live more fully engaged with the world than ever before. That’s the way we practice, that’s the way we live, and that’s the way we teach, AND, that’s the way we want you to teach.

We believe, 100%, that the power to change the world is in your hands. And the way to make those changes is through you mastering and changing your mind. More than words, it is example that is the best teacher and your example is forged in the fires of your own dedicated practice.

With this in mind the intention with this training is to -

Practice wholeheartedly

Remember who you really are

Serve the world through the power of your clear example

Why this training?

We have designed this training to hopefully be the best and most comprehensive out there, and we mean that in three ways.

  1. Customising it to be as transformative as possible for each individual

  2. Focus on creating really good teachers - people who know HOW to teach.

  3. Strategies to be able to make an epic living teaching meditation

In creating this training we have done a whole lot of research into other MTT’s.  And typically they follow one of two models.

  1. Group Immersions
    In these immersions, the whole training might fo for 1 or 2 weeks. This can be a great way to teach as you get the benefit of the immersion to really dive into the teachings. The downside is that the teachings are general in nature as they are often for large groups, as opposed to being created for what will most effectively evolve the individuals in the group. The other downside is that being an immersion the process of integrating the teachings into life is never as successful.

  2. Online Trainings
    This is the more common format for trainings and also a great way to learn. The video instalments are usually spread out, therefore the information has time to integrate into everyday life of the student. And due to the lack of face to face contact these trainings are often reasonably priced. The problem here is that it is difficult for the students progress to be monitored in an impactful way. And, once again, the content is of a general nature, as it is pre-recorded and therefore isn’t tailored to the learning style or teaching style of the student.

The hope with Fire and Water is to capture the best of both the above models and bring them to you, in your own home.

    The training will span over 9 months to ensure that all of the information can be fully digested and integrated into life.

    In this training the group is limited to just 5 students. Yes, just 5! This means that you can form a solid bond with your classmates, and your unique voice, desires, and questions can be heard and addressed.
    Each month, alongside the 2 lessons, there will be an inquiry session dedicated to asking questions and exploring any parts of the teachings that aren’t fully sticking for you. You will also get one on one mentoring time to both set up success strategies and pull apart anything that stands in the way of your ultimate success.

    We want you to both become an awesome teacher AND the best version of yourself - as those 2 things are really inseparable.

    In the training you will be taught both in a group setting and mentored one on one. Having had both of the experiences yourself you will be ripe and ready to offer both group and one on one services yourself.

    We dedicate time during the 9 months for down time, with no new lessons, time to just fully implement what you have learnt so far and most importantly, to practice teaching it!

    All classes and workshops will happen live! So you can join from wherever you are in the world. There are no pre-recorded sessions. This means that in each session we can address the needs of the moment and make sure that you are ready to move forward and take powerful action after each session.

    Is to see more and more people awaken to a life FILLED with purpose, abundance, and joy, and by conducting the training this way we believe that you can be an example of a whole new standard of being.

What “Fire and Water” means


Fire and Water can be translated and understood in many ways, but what it is basically saying is that this methodology enables us to live a life of tremendous balance and grace, driven by purpose. That’s the goal here, in a nutshell!

We could interpret Fire and Water as balancing the following -

  • Energy and Consciousness

  • Will and Passivity

  • Human and Being

  • Action with Observation

  • Achievement with Allowing

  • Passion and Peace

  • Purification and Rejuvenation

  • Transformation/Change with Unchanging/Universal Love

As you can see, Fire and Water is about taking the fundamental polarities of life and striking a beautiful balance; a balance which enables us to truly thrive on all levels.

And now, to us, personally, Fire and Water means the balance of the ancient wisdom of the Yogic and Vedic traditions being balanced with the joy of living in the BEST, most opportune time in human history and creating practices that honour traditional wisdom and modern science that can, most importantly, evolve who we are.

What you will learn

Before we get into what you will learn, there’s something important we want to say. Having been involved in Yoga Teacher Trainings for years, and having been around many other practitioner trainings too, I have seen that many students take these courses, not so much as to teach, but more for their own personal development, which is super cool. But for this particular training we want students who are actually eager to teach, and are excited to share everything they learn with the people the care about. We want to train teachers! We want to support you in turning meditation into your vocation! Maybe meditation becomes a part of what you are already doing, or maybe it is the solo bread-winner, doesn’t matter, as long as you are truly hungry to teach.

Okay, back to what you will learn, here it is…….

  • How to facilitate our 4-week How To Meditate Course called Modern Day Monks.

    (Quick side-note story - When I first started running these courses they filled up, every time! I had to turn people away. It really showed me how hungry people are to learn to meditate, they were basically knocking down the door! And, on another cool note, in just one of these course I would make the same amount of money as this entire training costs! How cool’s that.)

  • How to teach groups, including public speaking strategies and story telling essentials (there’s a reason why traditional spiritual knowledge was taught through story and metaphor!)

  • How to hold one on one meditation coaching sessions

  • Practices to prepare the body and mind for meditation such as lifestyle and breathing practices (pranayama)

  • Processes to support people through emotional blockages in one on one sessions

  • The KMM Unique 3-step, simple to apply, approach to meditation that integrates the traditional Yogic/Vedic meditative practices with the modern practices of positive psychology and NLP.

  • Meditation scripts to balance specific ailments in the body, emotions and mind AND how to recognise those imbalances so you know what meditations to use.
    For e.g.
    - Excessive thinking
    - Stress
    - Anxiety
    - Emotional Blockages
    - Spiritual connection and wellbeing  

  • How to find your authentic teaching voice

  • How to look after yourself and your unique nature so that the state of meditation can become more easily accessible


Here is the layout of the 9 month inner adventure!

The curriculum is broken down into 9 sections….

(Note that all sections, except sections 3 and 6, consist of 2 group lessons [approx. 2 hours each] and 1 inquiry session. During each month, in the interim between the lessons, there will be online support, email check ins, homework and mini assignments.)

    Before we even get started with the course we will send you some introductory material to practice, so we can start on the front foot. We all also look at the vital, underlying philosophies behind the practice of meditation.

  • SECTION 1 Breath Work / Pranayama

  • This first section is all about the breath! How you can use your breath to master your energy and your mind, and how to teach breath work practices, which form a gateway into meditation.

  • SECTION 2. Balancing, understanding and harnessing the mind

  • This section is dedicated to learning how to practice, understand and teach the basic principles of mindfulness and mediation. We will learn to balance the afflictions of the mind such as stress and anxiety, all serving as preparation for the deeper practices of meditation to come.

  • SECTION 3. Concentrating the mind

  • How to build the mental faculties of attention and focus.

  • SECTION 4. One Month Off.

  • The purpose of this month is to make sure that you can integrate everything you have learnt so far, to read and complete book reports, and to complete your first assignment. During this month you will also have your first one on one mentoring session.

  • SECTION 5 - Going Beyond the Mind

  • This section is dedicated to the practices that take us beyond the mind into the experience of being. This is where we learn to deconstruct the habit patterns of the mind and purify our memory so that awareness can reside in a state of balance and bliss.

  • SECTION 6 - Bringing Your Light To Life  

  • In this section we look at bringing your inner being back into life and moving forward from that place. We also look at how you can use your mind, not as an enemy, but as an ally to create your life your way. In sections 3 and 4 you will learn how to undo the unconscious habits of the mind, and in this section you learn how to consciously mould your mind to serve your highest life goals and purpose.

  • SECTION 7. One Month Off
    For the same purpose as section 3. This is where you will have your second one on one mentoring session and complete your second assignment.

  • SECTION 8. The Business of Meditation

  • In this section you will learn strategies for client creation and wealth generation so you can begin to turn teaching meditation into your livelihood. You will learn to apply the ethical and moral principles of meditation into your business.

  • SECTION 9. Integration

  • The focus here will be on moving forward with everything you have learnt during the previous months.

  • Also we will look at how to specifically work with clients in a one on one capacity AND during this last month you will have your first crack at running Modern Day Monks, our flagship 4-week meditation course with your chosen friends and/or family.



  • In our final online meeting we will present you with your certificate and look at what your new future holds!


Church With No Walls - Meditation Training Certificate.png

  • Upon successful completion of this training you will be certified as a Kings Meditation and Mentoring Meditation Teacher.

  • You will be listed in our database of teachers to offer one on one Meditation Consultations

  • You will be invited to offer practices to our ever-growing list of meditations in the Meditation Hub

  • You will have the full script and workbook to run your own Modern Day Monks Courses (our 4-Week Meditation Course)

Your teacher

Church With No Walls - Mike and Hannah King - Mentors - Life Coaches - Meditation - Australia-15.jpg

Hey! It’s Mikey here.

It will be me who will have the great honour of running you through this program. To be honest, it feels like this is the thing I have been working at for the past 10 years. To write these words and realise what is happening here, fills my heart with unspeakable amount of joy! I can still vividly remember the first meditation circle I ever ran. I was filled with nerves, my voice was shaky, and really I didn’t know what I was doing - other than following an impulse to serve. Even though I suffered through my first attempts to teach, being eaten up by the self-doubt monster, I still knew that this was what I was born to do. I just love it. I love that in meditation you just sit there, not really doing much, but everything gets done, ha! I love that this simple yet profound practice can completely change the nature of how we are showing up, reconnecting us to who we really are. I love how in meditation, once again, basically just sitting still, we have to harness tremendous courage and a crazy amount of patience in order to strike success. I love it all.

I have been teaching meditation for close to 10 years now and have been working as a life coach and mentor for about 5 years. I love the way that these 2 things go together. Coaching has given me tremendous insight into the nature and workings of the mind, which supports the practice of meditation. And likewise, a consistent practice of meditation offers such great self-knowledge and understanding which massively supports the practice of coaching. This is why with this training I am so passionate about not only teaching you to teach groups, but also offer your services one on one, as that is where I have seen the greatest and deepest transformations in my clients.

This isn’t the kind of training where we pump out students left, right and centre. This training is reserved for those who are really and wholly passionate about bringing the gift of meditation to the world. There won't be a huge number of us (KMM teachers) and that is a deliberate thing, as my intention is to keep that standard and integrity super high. So if this sounds like you I can’t wait to chat with you personally to get the ball rolling.


  • 2 Years of consistent meditation practice

  • A basic understanding of the principles of Ayurveda

  • A willingness (if not experience) to speak in front of groups of people

  • Experience in pranayama - the yogic practice of conscious breathing.

If you can’t meet these prerequisites let us know and we can support you by offering books to read about Ayurveda and a preliminary course in pranayama, to get you ready.

I am keen as a bean, how do I lock it in?

Apply Here 👇

Because this training is so unique, intimate, goes over a long period of time, and is limited to a small handful of people each year, it is super important that we make sure we are on the same page and our intentions are a match.

So, the next step for us to take is to jump on the phone for an interview and I can ask you a few questions, and you can ask me any questions you have too. And once we know we are that our missions are aligned we can take it forward from there.

Contact me here to set up a phone call. ☎️

Need to meditate on it?


No worries, Legend.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask. Give me us a holler here.

Be Happy! 🤣

Big Love

Mikey and Hannah.