To me, coaching isn’t a simple exchange of money for advice.

Coaching isn’t just how I make my money. 
It’s not a simple business exchange. 
To me, the relationship between a coach and client
is one of the most sacred relationships that exist. 

It’s a mentorship.
It’s your initiation into the inner world of light.


Coaching, mentoring and counselling have been around since the beginning of time. In cultures all over the world, wisdom has been learnt, experienced and then passed down.

Although as a society we seem to have steered away from informal mentoring, we are at a point in time where we can choose a mentor based on our own personal preferences. It’s an incredible time to be living on planet earth.

My job, as I see it, isn’t to just give advice, or project human opinions upon you, it’s not to tell you what is morally right or wrong, or what path you should take.

It is simply to reflect the universal power of divinity back onto you.


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I don’t know if anyone has ever told you this before . . .


but you have greatness within you, in fact, you already are greatness. There just might be something getting in the way of you truly owning your greatness.

Our job, together, is to peel back the layers, identifying and getting rid of anything that is getting in the way of your pure potential.

Once we’ve stripped back the layers, you will really feel it. I often have clients telling me they feel more free than they ever have, or they are conducting themselves in a new way they never even thought they could!

Now that we’ve uncovered your greatness, your pure potential,

we’ll point you in the direction of the life you’ve always dreamt of.

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You will create a life beyond your wildest imaginings.

Filled with inner freedom, fun, play and contentment.


It is not my intention to breed dependency on external forms of guidance. It is my greatest intention to direct you towards self-mastery. To shine light on the clarity, the authenticity
and the divinity that is innately within you.

In other words you will have the means to illuminate your own life.



Let’s get something super clear - I am not a magician, I cannot help you to transform without your assistance. Undergoing a coaching program is a commitment, on both our parts, to a practice. With that commitment you will experience the very definition of alchemy - the seemingly magical process of transformation.

My coaching programs draw upon methods and models passed down to me from my own mentors. However, I will always lead from my own heart, because that is the most effective way to lead you to yours.

Are you willing to do what is required so that you can experience the divinity within? Are you prepared to start making decisions based on what you need to balance the subtler parts of yourself that will inherently lead you to illumination? Are you ready to be a student? To take what we discuss and put it into practice?


Are you ready to experience inner alchemy?

If so, let’s open the conversation, I want to hear more about you.

Contact me and let’s arrange a chat before we dive into anything more formal.


What they say . . .