No one needs a mentor,
they choose one.

This is why I love it.

You are led here via your own volition, because it is the right time.

The fact that no one is making you be here is what makes this work so powerful. You have a certain sense of willingness, an eagerness even, to heal, learn, grow, transform and truly thrive.

This is the beauty of a mentorship.


So I am guessing that the life you are living no longer fills you up the way it once did.

I mean, it’s probably pretty bloody good and from the outside there’s no complaints, but you know within yourself that you are ready for more. You have evolved.

Keen for some new shoes?

I have some good news for you. You don’t have to keep the shoes that you have clearly outgrown. Give your feet some sweet relief from trying to squeeze into a mould that clearly is no longer right. Let’s get you some new bloody shoes!

This very program is for people who have outgrown the shoes of their current life and are hungry, ready, and most importantly, willing for change.

Mentoring is just the best. It really is my freakin’ honour to walk side by side with the clients I work with. I feel deeply privileged to witness your transformation.

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing you throw your old shoes in the bin, and then to watch you grow into your new pair one day at a time.

Seeing you and supporting you grow into the life you were born to live makes my heart sing - not just sing, bellow a grand operatic melody from the rooftop of my beach-side shack.

The chorus of my bellowing song is a question for you that goes like this -

Are you ready
to get Lit Up?

Fire is the agent of transformation.

Fire will bring light to the dark.

Fire will give you a sharp vision, pungent clarity and clear direction.

Fire is the devotion towards what matters most to you.

Fire is the energy to take all of this into powerful action.

Fire is the courage to stand tall in the shoes of who you really are and to share THAT with the world.

Church With No Walls-01.png

That’s what we mean by getting Lit Up.

And that’s what awaits YOU.


Now to be a little more specific….

If you know that something needs to change. If you know that you have a yearning in your heart that is yet to be fulfilled. If you need some clarity, strategy or direction so that you can be at peace, in love, or in joy. Then hallelujah, it’s time we chat.

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A mentorship is about forming and sustaining a deep, trustworthy connection and using that connection as a means to do two things:

1. Process and integrate the past

2. Design and actualise the future


Over the years I have had many clients from all over the globe . . .and it is safe to say that I fall in love with all of them (nearly haha). 

I work with only a handful of people at a single time so that I can give my full time, attention and soul to them. Just as they invest in me I also invest deeply in them. And the dividends that I get in return for my investment never cease to amaze me.
Transformation is truly beautiful.

There is nothing cold or clinical about this type of work, in fact quite the opposite.

I sometimes stay at my client's houses, or invite them to stay at mine for immersions. I have even traveled the globe with clients before for adventure coaching programs.

For me the value is in the connections we build and the results we create. So I will do whatever it takes for my clients so they can unearth the divinity that is within them and then express it within the world.


Let's yarn . . .

Here's the thing, this program requires real commitment. From both you and me. And with that in mind I would never expect blind commitment from anyone, so what I would love to offer you is a free yarn (that means chat for you non-Australians) and in this chat I can answer and clarify any questions or concerns you have about a program. Also, this way we can make sure that our intentions are fully aligned and that I clearly understand your goals and desires.

Contact me below and let me know you’re interested and I will get in contact with you soon to organise your free initial mentoring session.


What they say . . .