How would your company, business or corporation look if a ripple of mindfulness, kindness and inspiration washed its way through the entire workspace? 

It is becoming imperative that all Australian’s, especially those in high-stressed, high-paced jobs learn skills and tools to manage and master their minds. 

Meditation is the super hero, the much needed elixir, that will save working class Aussies from themselves and offer relief from, and tools for, the increasing demands of modern life. 

I consider meditation to be one of the greatest and most powerful gifts you could give to your team.


Because everyone in your team has a mind (or at least I hope they do!). And our mind is the greatest gift we have - it just so happens that most of us don’t know how to use it and extract its inherent potential for peace, wellbeing and inspiration. 

Meditation can serve your workplace in 2 powerful ways:

  1. Meditation and mindfulness are the original methods to create sustainable happiness without any negative consequences. What does this have to do with you? Well, in one study happiness was shown to increase productivity by 20% AND increase sales by 37%!

  2. More than one in every three corporate workers in Australia suffer from either anxiety, stress or depression. Meditation is like kryptonite for mental illness. It kills me to see so many people suffering unnecessarily. With the right tools and understanding we can combat this mental health epidemic that is still on the increase.


I’m Michael King. I have been speaking in Australia and overseas for over 8 years now and find great delight in supporting, educating and uplifting audiences in many different fields. I have spoken at Corporate events, workplaces, schools, wellbeing events, yoga teacher trainings, retreats and workshops.

I once had dreams of becoming a stand-up comic, but those dreams got trumped and overshadowed by my deeper desire to create a meaningful impact in the lives of those I have the good fortune of working with. So even though my dominant intent in speaking at your event or workplace is to create a deep and powerful positive impact, I must let you know (here is your official warning) sometimes my suppressed inner comic rears its head to shock and delight us all.  


“As a speaker, it takes a unique character, equally vibrant and subtle to do more than just hold the attention of a crowd, but to truly move them. Michael is that character. His capacity to get inside a story and breathe new life into it, brimming with depth and hilarity is second to none. I always shuffle a little closer when Michael takes the floor, or grabs the microphone.”  

- Octavio Salvado, CEO, The Practice Bali


I can speak on a variety of topics, tailored to suit the needs of your establishment, workplace or event. And furthermore, I can  give you an hour of power or teach a full day workshop - we can work out the nitty gritty over a yarn! 

In the meantime here are a few of the topics that I love speaking on 

  • Get Happy Now - how you can increase your happiness and productivity, regardless of what is happening around

  • The Calm Cure - how to create unshakable calm and balance the nervous system through breathwork and meditation

  • The art and science of mindfulness

  • Meditation and the spark of inspiration

  • Resilience in the workplace and in life

  • Equanimity - how to maintain balance and equilibrium in an ever changing world 


“Michael’s ability to understand and engage his audience is astounding. His humour and communication style allowed him to connect with the large group in attendance. Bringing meditation and mindfulness into a sporting environment was a unique approach to our season and Michael was able to make the techniques accessible and relatable. I truly believe that Michael’s teachings helped shape the mindset of each of the players, making an impact in both their personal and sporting lives as our club went on to win four premierships in the 2019 season. From all the CYMS players, coaches and staff thank you Michael for bringing your passion, knowledge and insights to our club.”

- Ethan Wright, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Williamstown CYMS Football Club.

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My favourite thing about speaking is creating the opportunity to deeply connect with the audience. I find speaking extremely rewarding, especially when I have the honour of reminding a group of people about just how powerful they are! The mind is an incredible tool, much like a knife, in the right hands it could carve out a masterpiece, and in the wrong hands it could cause destruction. It is so fulfilling for me to see people learn, really learn, to use their own mind to create a deeply rich and rewarding life. 

Think about how many people you know who fight with their own mind! Breeding resistance, depression, anxiety, stress, worry, doubt and hesitation. Imagine if they knew how to use their mind, in alignment with their own unique heart, to create magic in their life! That’s what I love about what I do - seeing that! 

I would love to open the conversation about speaking or teaching at your workplace or event. Please fill in the questionnaire below and we will get back to you lickity-split and take the conversation forward from there. 


“Michael has a way of translating the mystery of meditation into really accessible and applicable terms for mere mortals! He seems to be able to hold a tremendous amount of knowledge in his head and it comes out in a really clear and often funny stream of teaching. We’ve had nothing but positive feedback every time Michael has taught or spoken at our Yoga Studio. As a speaker Michael has a way of interweaving entertaining stories and analogies throughout his teaching that keeps everyone engaged and eager to learn.”

- Michael Scerri, This Is Yoga, Sydney