Let's Talk About Your Financial Health!



Well, because we give a shit… about your life, as a WHOLE!


Yep, the whole pie!

Your spiritual connection is intricately linked to your financial health, which is intricately linked to your physical health, which is intricately linked to your relationship wellbeing and so on and so forth. Ya get the point, right?

DISCLAIMER: We aren’t talking about how much you earn or spend, whether you can afford to fly business class or what car you drive.

We are talking about how you FEEL.

Are you stressed about money? Or are you STOKED to check your bank account? Do you have a belief that Christmas is an expensive time of year that will drain your bank account? Do you feel like there’s just never enough no matter what you earn? Or so you feel financially FREE?

We want YOU, our friends, to feel financially free and be frothing to check out your accounts.

We want you to raise your vibration to one of abundance so that the universe can match that and let it RAIN Benjamin Franklins

How do you raise your vibe? First understand that your feelings indicate your current vibe. If they don’t feel abundant, frothy or excited then you might need to adjust. Find thoughts that feel BETTER.

“I know I create my own reality so I’d like to clean up my vibration around money so the universe can gift me with more money!”
Feeling like there isn’t enough doesn’t feel good, so I want to find things there ARE enough of… there’s plenty of water, food, electricity, wifi….

“I am cleaning up my vibe and becoming more abundant every freakin day”

See how much better THOSE thoughts feel?
Now, stay relentlessly in charge of your own thoughts and vibe! Guard that shit with your life! When things start to feel off do SOMETHING to raise that vibration.

Life will give you all you desire, but you’ve gotta get into the receptive mode, and remember, you’ll know you’re in the receptive mode when you just FEEL GOOD!

Hannah KingComment