Is Achievement Ruining Your Life?


There are two sides to the coin of achieving…

One is the motivation and drive (that’s what got you here, to your current level of success!)

The other is the shadow side…


which is, rooted in not being enough - which is why you have drive, to try prove to yourself that you are enough! You hope that the success will satisfy the yearning to fill whole and fulfilled.

Well, FUCK THE COIN. Put it in a coin slot. Good riddance. It has served you really well. It got you to here. But now you know that you are being called to operate from a different place.

It is time to let MEANING eclipse ACHIEVEMENT.

Here are the 2 sides to the coin of MEANING, a coin worth keeping in your pocket. A coin that is in alignment with the life you are in the process of creating.

1. Growth. Are you growing as a person? Are you refining what it means to be you? Are you constantly finding new ways to learn and evolve? Prioritising your growth is a shortcut to living with meaning!

2. Contribution. What’s your contribution to the world? Contributing has SO MANY different faces, all of them valid. What we do know is that when we are contributing real, authentic value, we feel alive and filled with meaning.

The desire to achieve got you this far, living with meaning with take you the rest of the way. Step up, step out and NAIL these 2 steps to live with more meaning and watch the quality of your life soar. By the way, this doesn’t mean that you won't still achieve great things, it simply means that you driver for action will be coming from something that is AUTHENTICALLY you, not the small you trying to prove something.

Rock it out, Legend. And let us know if we can help. We are here for you and would love to coach the absolute shit outta you so you can finally let meaning eclipse achieving.

Hannah KingComment